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Vicky Achieved Her Fitness Goals!


NAME: Vicky Barber

I first started training with Sarah back in early 2019, when I’d reached a bit of a sticking point in my own training. At the time Sarah was doing an 8-week program which I got in touch with her about and instantly loved the vibe I got from her after speaking to her on the phone and seeing her functional training style I knew that it was for me. So, I jumped on board with the 8-week program and soon fell in love with the training and Sarah as a coach and decided to continue with her on a 1-2-1 basis afterwards. I think Sarah and I were training together for about 18 months before I took a break, although I do still look at her Instagram for inspiration and I still go back to some of the workouts that we did in our training time together. Sarah is not only an amazing coach she is really knowledgeable supportive. Motivated me even when I couldn’t even be bothered to do things myself. She was always there with a help in hand, a work of advice, and a motivational speech to kick you up the butt and get you going. Since I’ve reached out to her again for inspiration, for workouts and training plans. Not only is she an amazing coach but she is now become a friend and she’s awesome. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Sarah want’s the friend bit at the end cut.

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