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Sian Achieved Her Fitness Goals!


NAME: Sian Bartlett

Hey my name is Sian, and I came to Sarah for 1 to 1 training back in June. At this stage I was 6 weeks postpartum after an emergency cesarean birth. Since then Sarah’s been supporting me to recover, gain strength and fitness and ultimately work towards my goal of being fitter and healthier than I was before having my baby. 10 weeks into training and I’m already feeling stronger and fitter than ever. I’ve lost about 6kg and I’m now getting close to my pre-pregnancy weight which I’m quite proud of. One of the biggest differences though that I’ve noticed is my body composition. And although I still have a little way to go I’ve come so much further than what I expected that I would. My mindset’s more motivated and I just feel so supported and encouraged it was honed by Sarah. I know I wouldn’t have achieved these things also without her. We talk pretty much everyday about training, diet, sleepless baby nights and she just sort of supports me throughout all of that. When I’m sort of low on motivation she picks me up. When I’m feeling super motivated and proud of myself she’s right there supporting me with that too. Never in a million years have I expected to feel as confident in my body so soon after having my baby who you can hear in the background. And for that I just wanna thank Sarah a million times over. Never thought giving birth at the beginning of summer would I feel ok in a bikini and feel ok taking my little boy swimming without hiding my mum tum. In fact I don’t even really feel like I have a massive mum tum now it sort of already changed in my composition so thank you very much Sarah for all of that.

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